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Our in-depth, up close and personal behind the scenes look at some of the most interesting people in food, fun and hospitality around the Phoenix Valley and the state of Arizona. On this episode of BRP come and meet Steve Chucri...

...President of the Arizona Restaurant Association for the past 17 years and Maricopa County Supervisor for the past 7 years.

Let�s find out: * A brief history of Steve Chucri...

* Quick Facts about Maricopa County...

* What lead to Steve becoming President of the Arizona Restaurant Association...

* Becoming Maricopa County Supervisor...

* the Foodist Awards...

* Nitty Gritty on the Arizona Restaurant Association...

* Steve�s Approach to Managing a team...

* the bright future for Arizona�s Restaurant Industry...

... and so much more!


A Brief History of Steve Chucri: Steve Chucri was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. His maternal grandfather was the first licensed auto dealer in Arizona despite the fact that he NEVER learned to read or write.

Steve�s maternal great-grandfather was turned away at the American border and so gave his son $5 and told him he was now on his own. His grandfather was homeless and stayed temporarily with people along the way. Began his business career by selling dry goods to miners in Globe, Arizona.

A customer was looking for a car to buy for $50 and set Steve�s grandfather on the task of finding him one. He found him a car and made his first $100 that way. He then went on to get his auto dealer license which was No. 001.

Steve�s father immigrated from Lebanon with his mother after his father was killed in Beirut.


Quick Facts about Maricopa County: 1. Fastest growing County in America for THIRD consecutive YEAR!!!!

2. 84,000 people moved to the area in 2018

3. 70% faster growth than 2nd fastest - Clark County, Nevada

4. On track to remain fastest growing County for the next few years

Why are so many people moving here?

- Too many regulations in California

- Poor weather conditions in the East and Midwest

- Arizona is a young state (1912) and has a new infrastructure


What lead to Steve becoming President of the Arizona Restaurant Association?

Growing up in the car business was very educational and was a great industry but restaurants stole his heart. Admittedly Steve knew little about the restaurant industry but he did know about politics as he had spent 6 years on Capitol Hill as a lobbyist.

An Association lobbyist mentioned the CEO job to him, so Steve applied believing he wouldn�t get it - but luck was on his side and he got the job.

Over the past few years Steve has been very successful in growing the Restaurant Association the industry is growing exponentially as well...

Arizona restaurants sold $18 BILLION worth of food last year! This was an $800 million increase year over year. Restaurants in Arizona currently employ 300 000 people and nationally $863 billion of food will be sold in 2019.

Projections show it will soon become a TRILLION dollar industry, growing from just $1.5 to $2 billion when Steve began 17 years ago. This is a testament to what we can do in Arizona as a community.

Find out more about the Arizona Restaurant Association here: Website: https://ARARestaurant.org

Website: https://ArizonaRestaurantWeek.org

Instagram: https://instagram.com/AZRestaurant

Facebook: https://facebook.com/ArizonaRestauran...


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