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Our in-depth, up close and personal behind the scenes look at some of the most interesting people in food, fun and hospitality around the Phoenix Valley and the state of Arizona. On this episode of BRP come and meet Debby Wolvos...

...one of THE top food photographers in Arizona!

Let�s find out: A little bit about her personal story�

What brought her to Arizona?

How did she make the leap to becoming a food photographer after being involved in TV news for years?

How does she structure her business including the inside track on her fees and how she negotiates with clients?

What sets her apart from other food photographers out there?

What kind of equipment she uses for her amazing photography?

And of course the always entertaining 'Quick Fire Round'�

So here we go�

...let�s take a look at what Debby has to say!


A Brief Personal History�..

Debby was born in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and grew up in a beautiful Tudor house on a hill with 25 acres. She is the youngest of 6 kids and grew up around a bunch of pets, which included cats, dogs and horses. She describes her life as being like the Waltons! (If you're too young to get the reference just Google it... LOL!)

Her father owned several electronics stores in the Minnesota area and this grew her love for all things electronic - and cameras. Debby�s father was an amateur photographer and had a dark room in their house. Debby used to help her Dad a lot with processing photographs.

She attended the University of Minnesota and majored in Theatre which landed her in a vocational school where she fast tracked her program in Television Production and completed a two year program in just one year.

Growing up she felt so much love from her family which gave her the confidence and courage to accomplish anything. Debby has two children with her husband who is a surgeon. They moved to Arizona 18 years ago from Boston as her and her husband both loved golf and the sunny Arizona weather.

Her mother and most of her siblings still live in Minnesota but Debby does not regret the move as she definitely doesn�t miss the freezing cold or the snow.


The TV Career....

Straight out of college Debby got her first job as a Media Producer for Northern States Power Company. During the interview she was asked to go out and video something and come back and edit it to prove she had the experience to do the job. Debby decided on a �Man on the Street� concept.

Unfortunately during her filming some roller skaters purposefully smashed into her equipment and broke it. However, fortunately she caught the entire thing on film and when she came back she got the job!

Debby really wanted to be on camera and would often film herself and doing so developed her first 'sizzle reel' of her work. From there she transitioned to an independent channel where she got a 3 month contract in order to prove herself. This grew to her getting a job with an ABC affiliate in Boston making 6 figures in the 90�s.

As a reporter she would always bring her photography equipment and had the good fortune of photographing famous individuals like the Beatles, Paul McCartney and Brad Pitt!!!

She always enjoyed photography as a passion and as a hobby but made no money from it until 12 years ago.

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